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Together we can make a difference

We believe in supporting our local community. By donating a percentage of our commission from the purchase or sale of your home, we can plant trees that will reduce greenhouse gasses, help orphaned animals find loving homes, teach children to read, give a family a safe space to sleep or put a meal on the table of someone in need. You choose what is most important to you and we will do the rest. Here are a few organizations we think are great!

Baby Blues Connection
The Mission of Baby Blues Connection is to provide support, information and resources to women and families coping with pregnancy and postpartum mood disorders and to the professionals who serve them.

Beyond Differences
Beyond Differences is a youth led organization that empowers students to end social isolation in middle school through online and campus programs. Social isolation is often the precondition to the bullying, teasing and violence that occur too often in our schools and communities. By focusing on social isolation, Beyond Differences helps prevent bullying and teasing instead of reacting to it.

CAT (Cat Adoption Team)
CAT’s mission is to work with our community to save the lives of homeless, sick and injured cats and kittens by offering shelter, adoption, foster, hospice, and veterinary services to end needless feline euthanasia in our community.