About PDX Green Team

We support the local community through good business practices, honesty, hard work, sustainable actions and education.

Our team strives to make your real estate buying or selling experience rewarding. We proudly work as if each home were our own. With integrity and respect, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your real estate and investment goals.

Meet the Team

Photo of Darcie Alexander

Darcie Alexander

Principal Real Estate Broker
Earth Advantage Accredited
ADU Specialist

Call: (971) 227-8244

Darcie's goal is to always exceed her client's expectations every step of the way, through honest and straightforward communication, attention to detail and sound advice. You can read more about Darcie here.

Photo of Hilary Bourassa

Hilary Bourassa

Principal Real Estate Broker
Earth Advantage Accredited
ADU Specialist

Call: (971) 207-0374

Hilary strives to be ever conscious of the world around her. Treating each client like family and each home as if it were her own. You can read more about Hilary here.



Sarah Moon Lunde

Real Estate Broker
Earth Advantage Accredited
ADU Specialist

Call: (503) 730-9608

Sarah is a licensed Broker who brings a uniquely calm, level-headed and absolutely friendly energy to Portland's real estate world. You can read more about Sarah here.



Jessica Brunt

Real Estate Broker
Earth Advantage Accredited
ADU Specialist

Call: (503) 821-9533

Jessica’s expertise in the market, outgoing nature, dedication to customer service, and ability to connect with people is what makes her a great realtor. You can read more about Jessica here.


Photo of Lindsay Robbins

Lindsay Robbins

Real Estate Broker
Earth Advantage Accredited
ADU Specialist

Call: (503) 888-2557

Lindsay's diligence, loyalty and attention to every detail creates a bond of trust her clients appreciate and depend on throughout the buying and selling process. You can read more about Lindsay here.



Renee DeCuire Nelsen

Real Estate Broker
Earth Advantage Accredited
ADU Specialist

Call: (503) 688-8106

With patience, savvy and clear communication, Renee guides her clients through the tricky Portland market while making real estate exciting, accessible, and fun. You can read more about Renee here.


Giving Back

We believe in supporting our local community. We donate a portion of our commission from the purchase or sale of every home. You get to choose what is most important to you. Together we can make a difference.


We love our clients and they love us too!


"As soon as we decided that it was time to set some roots and buy our first home in town (instead of renting for another 10 years!), a friend referred us to Jessica Brunt at PDX Green Team. Jessica walked us through a very confusing and at times overwhelming process.. all the while listening to our preferences and giving us straightforward feedback when we needed to make tough decisions. She really fought hard for us and our home that we ultimately purchased, all within 2 months of beginning the process! What a whirlwind and we feel extremely grateful, thankful, and loved by this team."

Anna & Chris

“We loved working with PDX Green team! They were ever available in this intense housing market and were wonderful guides through the sometimes very logistically and emotionally challenging process of finding and purchasing our home. What a job it is to help people on such a journey! Especially when things are snatched up so quickly and one needs to decide a potential future in often times less than an hour of time spent in a future home. Darcie, Sarah and Hilary were very attentive, were funny and fun to work with and helped us through the nitty gritty details in a smooth and easy way for a purchase that was done partially out of state. They were great representatives of Portland and being native to here that meant a lot to me. We have highly recommended them many times!”


"My partner and I recently bought a house with Jess's help, and she was great to work with. We were first time buyers and pretty clueless about everything. Jess expertly shepherded us through the process, without ever making us feel bad for being inexperienced. We bought at a pretty frustrating time, market-wise, and Jess made sure we never got discouraged. She worked around the clock for us and protected our interests when time was ticking.

It's also worth noting that my partner and I are both women. In entering into a professional relationship with a new person, there is always a bit of a worry that he or she will be rude and/or homophobic. This was unequivocally NOT the case with Jess -- she was totally affirming of us. I highly recommend Jess and PDX Green Team, and would encourage any and all to work with them."


"I recommend Renee with absolutely no reservation. Our experience together was flawless. She has incredible knowledge of the neighborhoods in Portland, especially on the East Side. She showed me local flavor and flair in each neighborhood we looked in to give me a good sense of what I would be getting into with the location. She asked insightful questions after viewing each home to understand better what I wanted (and seemed like she actually knew even better than I did what I wanted).

Her commitment to getting my offer accepted was unparalleled. There is no way I would have gotten the house I got had it not been for Renee going above and beyond to build confidence and value for the sellers in my offer. She was a superhero. I owe my wonderful home to her.

Have Renee help you find a home. She's patient, insightful, knowledgable, diligent, and caring."


"Looking to buy a home in Portland? Let me enthusiastically recommend Sarah Moon because she's great. But more on that later. Are you also a first time buyer? For me, go with Sarah. Are you a total novice with an annoying habit of asking stupid questions all the time? Again, Sarah. Are you also coming from out of state? Yup, Sarah. With a limited knowledge of Portland's neighborhoods? In this instance I'm going to also recommend Sarah Moon. So that's a specific set of parameters, sure. But the point I'm trying to make is that Sarah helped my wife and I find an amazing home from out of state when we were total novices. I honestly can't recommend her enough as an agent, or as a person.

Sarah is knowledgeable, patient and trustworthy. A pro without all the dreaded smarminess. Case in point, my wife and I made an offer on our home without having seen it in person. Which sounds insane when I say it out loud, but by that point in our search we knew we could trust Sarah to lead us to a great home even from another state. For example, since we were finding homes online, there were a few that looked great in photographs and that we were pretty excited about. But on more than one occasion, Sarah steered us away from places that were a little rough around the edges or that had faults one could only see in person. Not a big deal if you're visiting them all yourself, but if you're like us and relocating from out of state, having this trust is pretty invaluable. So by the time we had our inspection, we knew there would be no surprises. She wasn't ever in a rush to finish the transaction quickly for a commission. I know she honestly wanted us to have a home we would love (we did), even if it were to take some time to find. I am truly grateful for all of her help."


"Lindsay helped us find our current home in Tigard when we relocated from Austin to Portland. We moved in December--probably the craziest time of year to move--but Lindsay was there for us every step of the way. She's very personable and knowledgeable. She had good recommendations for each step of the hunt, assessment and purchase of the home. She went out of her way to accommodate us even during the holidays sacrificing time with her family to help us. (She even gave us a beautiful little Christmas tree when we moved in two days before Christmas!). She has followed up to make sure things are still good. We highly recommend Lindsay as a realtor."


"We loooooooove Lindsay! Lindsay helped us with both selling our old home and purchasing a new house in the Beaverton area.

My husband found Hilary on yelp and then Hilary introduced us to Lindsay since she knows the Beaverton area better.  She helped us sell our previous home very quickly. We then rented an apartment after selling our house since we wanted to take our time to find the right house for us. Oh boy we saw many houses! Lindsay helped us through several multiple bid situations and other challenges. Thanks to her, we were able to find the perfect house for our family in the end."


"Last year I was living out of state and looking for a home in Portland.  I found the PDX Green Team on Yelp, made an appointment with Sarah and flew out for a meeting but had to return home and continue the process remotely.  Sarah walked me through showings using FaceTime.  She is so knowledgeable about the market, neighborhoods, house construction, and systems, I trusted her judgement completely.  In the end I made an offer without actually seeing the property and when I arrived in town for the inspection I couldn't have been happier.

Now we are looking for a house for my son and wouldn't think of moving ahead without Sarah."

Narayan & Candice

“We had a wonderful experience working with Sarah at PDX Green Team. She really understood our needs and used that to help us find our dream home. She was also extremely responsive and knowledgable about the process. She answered all of our questions and walked us through every step. We would definitely use PDX Green Team’s services again in the future.”


“Darcie and Hilary managed the sale of my property under somewhat unusual circumstances. I was an out-of-town seller who couldn’t be present in person for any part of the sale. They mitigated this situation by being present on my behalf with contractors, my tenants, and other parties related to the sale. I couldn’t recommend these two more heartily for their level-headedness, professionalism, friendly and warm demeanor, market knowledge, and sound judgment. They turned a situation that could have been extremely stressful and costly into one that seemed just like a “regular” sale. Thank you, Darcie and Hilary!”

Julie & David

"Everyone is in a frenzy about the horror that is the Portland housing market in spring, but we escaped that nightmare! We are convinced Renee is largely the reason.

From the initial inquiry about selling our old home to the move-in day at the new house, Renee was perfection. She is diligent, swift, super smart, experienced, creative, down-to-earth, patient, reassuring, kind, and funny. She handled the 18 offers on our home with such calm assurance that we never had to wonder about the right path. She communicates well with all parties and advocates for her clients. We are so deeply grateful we found her. She is the perfect person to guide anyone through this process. We don't plan on moving any time soon, but we'll engage Renee again if we ever do.

The company she works with is also stellar. They run an ethical operation and even donate portions of their profits to local charities of your choosing."

David & Kristi

“My wife and I were first-time homebuyers, and loved our experience with PDX Green Team. The agent we worked most closely with was Jessica, but we interacted with Sarah and Hilary as well…and they were all fantastic! Very patient, helpful and flexible. Portland has a very tough housing market for buyers these days, which leads to an often frustrating search. We couldn’t have hoped for better help navigating the complicated, but certainly rewarding road to buying a fantastic house here! The high level of expertise, honesty and low pressure assistance makes choosing PDX Green Team a no-brainer!”

Erik & Sanae

“The PDX Green Team is the absolute best. We bought our first house with them years ago, and when we decided to move this year we did not hesitate to call on them again. We have worked with Hilary, Darcie, and Sarah and could not have asked for more a supportive, trustworthy, professional, smart, and genuine crew of people. Both times we’ve worked with them, they have taken extraordinary care to help us find the right house in the right price range. They always give honest, insightful feedback when touring a house – they are very knowledgeable about structural materials and never fail to point out potential problems. Not for one moment have we ever felt like they were trying to sell us on a place or push us towards a purchase. On the contrary, they went out of their way to make sure we were informed of and comfortable with every aspect of a transaction. This was never more apparent than in our most recent search, when they shepherded us through a complex and unusual negotiation that happened to go down when we were traveling on the other side of the planet. In anyone else’s hands it might have been a disaster, but the PDX Green Team is not just anyone. They have our utmost respect and our highest recommendation.”


“LOVE THESE LADIES!!! Hilary & Darcie are awesome as is the whole PDX Green Team! I’ve bought and sold many homes over the past 10 years and hands down working with these two was the easiest experience, ever. I moved here from out-of-state and working with them was more pleasant and seamless than my local moves. They really know the market, are on it in every way and go to bat for their clients above and beyond expectations. In addition to so much knowledge, experience and contacts in the real estate field, they¹re both extremely nice, smart and very fun to hang out with! I’m already planning on hiring them again…..Darcie and Hilary really are a “team” and reduced a lot of the stress in our search for a house in Portland. They understand the Portland market and were so helpful in navigating us through a hot real estate market. Communication is so important in this kind of market, and both of these women were incredibly prompt in returning my text messages and phone calls. I would definitely use them again and have no reservations in recommending them to others”

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